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Long time no see, Ryo Saeba, our Shinjuku Heartthrob.


At the end of Japan’s Showa era, a mind-blowing chivalrous detective "CityHunter" rose to fame in a Japanese manga series widely recognized as the best work of cartoonist Tsukasa Hojo. Hojo was also the mentor of Hidehiko Inoue, the author of another hugely successful manga masterpiece called “Slam Dunk” which was one of the best-selling manga series in history.


  • Hojo is the poster child of manga for the post-90's generation. In the Japanese manga industry, it is fair to say that his drawing skills are the most meticulous.
  •  The timelessness of "City Hunter" obviously cannot be summed up by the number of times it has been remade. The protagonist Ryo Saeba, even today, is still the definition of a “hero” for many whilst also being a bit of an anti-hero for others with his lecherous and playful behaviors.
  • We hope that this perfect match between UOOYAA x CITYHUNTER can reawaken our memories of an innocent and fearless youth, and give us all, a new feeling of power.