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This psychedelic space adventure, anti-sci-fi sci-fi and a collage of many elements make this film one of the most pioneering films of the 1960s in the last world, and it is also the source of inspiration for UOOYAA Spring/Summer 2018.

In addition to Barbarian’s healthy and sexy look interpreted by her close-fitting flight suit and short boots, her willful bravery and curiosity are UOOYAA's favorite characters. The movie started with a failed flight, but we found some post-modern buildings in the city we live in.

The interweaving of futuristic atmosphere and dilapidated feeling makes people feel that Barbarian’s spaceship was damaged and forced to land on Here, models wear sequined clothes and suspender skirts and walk on the winding buildings, refracting strange colorful lights in the sun, blurring the boundary between reality and dreams. meet.

Publish Date: May 23rd 2018

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