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Thought has always been UOOYAA's eyes to see the world. When this issue was planned, it was during the epidemic, and everyone was adapting to video chats and meetings. The epidemic has changed our way of life, and it has also affected our thinking about the things around us to a certain extent. It seems that everything has become uncertain, so uncertain that the answer itself may be a problem.

Recently, I often find that I must find an exact word to describe it. It’s not easy for me to be in the mood now, so the word time is quiet, oh, save it, at the last moment of the discussion, we decided on the two angles of “anchor” and “sports”. Undoubtedly, live streaming has been deeply involved in our lives. We are enjoying the shopping fun brought by live broadcasting.

Brands are also jumping into the rising tide of live broadcasting in a hurry or slowly, and the anchor is the first to join the group in the wave is UOOYAA's curious perspective, why they chose this line of work, the reality of their original dreams, their future expectations, and their living and working conditions. So, just talk to them and share their dreams and anxieties.

And sports, also because of the epidemic, have become important, fashion and flowers are blooming, from the gym to the living room, bedroom and kitchen, the scene shifts, and sports add an interesting definition from health. Fun has almost become the most stable spiritual need in an uncertain environment. Since we can’t find the answer, let’s make life more interesting. This follows my favorite definition of fun: “Fun is an open space, leading to the unknown world”

Publish Date: Jun 28th 2020

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