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It may be the old Beijing city around the 90s. People in that era have one thing in common. Whether they are rock musicians, street veterans or even young people with nothing to do, everyone lives energetically. Everyone pays attention to a state. You No matter how I live, I have my own way of living. The perspective of UOOYAA 2018 Fall Winter has finally switched to the old Beijing era, which is very "tasteful" in memory.

The young people in this era are all stubborn, and they are the pioneers in the transformation of the times. This season, what we want to do It is to restore them in that era, a "tasteful" UOOYAA Beijing youth. We found a lot of local faces and their voices to present a variety of youth group portraits, feel the power of Beijing that has never changed from beginning to end, and set our sights on places other than Beijing, looking for pioneer youths with similar spirits in the world, listen Their thinking, trying to reshuffle some of their own inherent cognition, and injecting real multiple strengths and attitudes into UOOYAA is also our original intention for this publication.

Publish Date: Oct 29th 2018

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