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We always say that reality is magical. Yes, not only that, sometimes reality is more magical than magic, so that we often wonder what is magic and what is reality. Just like the story of this magical reality, the design of UOOYAA is full of discordant harmony. Conflict and strength are still the key words of UOOYAA. Exquisite and clean formal suits and interesting monster patterns, Chinese tunic suits and punks, Chinese double-breasted mandarin jackets and monster jacquard fabrics... Heroes and cute, gorgeous, and street, very serious and very unscrupulous, very old and very future, with consistent UOOYAA attitude, and a new storyline set off again.

The fourth issue of UOOYAA ZINE came to Chengdu and Chongqing, two "magic cities" located in the southwest. At the same time of rapid development, the relatively alienated location and terrain preserve the "comfort" of life and give birth to a culture that grows independently. Scattered buildings and alleys, rushing rivers and lakes are finally fogged into the strength and courage of young people breaking through bamboo, and externalized into a kind of cultural attraction, which makes more foreigners and even foreigners curious, eager, and finally gather here.

The relatively gentle pace of life gives people more space to understand each other, to connect with similar personalities and hobbies, to get acquainted and eventually become inseparable. UOOYAA also found its own footnote in this aspect of magic.

Publish Date: Jan 15th 2020

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