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This collection is a reinvention of a golden era, the 80s and 90s. You didn’t have to live through them to appreciate them, and UOOYAA pays homage to these wonderous decades in this new collection which features acid wash jackets, shoulder pads, jumpsuits with bows, sequin embroidery and more. The mix of different fabrics cut into classic silhouettes, and accessories such as a crystal chain necklace, pearl strap, and kiss lock clutch pocket add to the vintage feel of the season.

The collection is named after a famous song - ‘Next Stop Tin Hau’ by the famous Cantopop duo Twins who grew up in this era. Tin Hau means ‘diva’ and we want every UOOYAA Girl to meet and embrace their inner diva when wearing this collection.

The era we cherish as the golden age.

The era of lovable superstars, Jackie Chan and Leslie Cheung,

The era of Cantopop idols, Anita Mui and Faye Wong,

The era of celebrated singletons, Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw,

And the era of girl-power, the Spice Girls, and Destiny's Child.

This was a time when dreams were big, and possibilities were endless,

When lyrics were so powerful and beautiful, tears bathed our cheeks.

This was the era when all love was true love,

The era of innocence, passion, and chasing one's dreams.

The era when girls were singing‘Next Stop Tin Hau’

The era in which they hoped to meet, their inner diva.

Not until today have I realised how beautiful that golden age was,

The era that I thought was sad, but now realise was ahead of its time.