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For generations, the topic of the future has compelled us. Our life today is born from endless imagination, crystallised by creativity and invention. When we envisage our future, we base our predictions on what we know today. We expect that our future world will be exactly as we surmise it to be.

And yet, the only true prediction we can make is that the future is never certain. We may dream and invent and conceive of a world to come but we must also cherish our present.

For UOOYAA’s Fall Winter 2020 Collection, we have realized a future that forms from our current reality and pays homage to our present – the unique transitional phase we find ourselves in where tradition meets technology.

We have imagined a future in an un-futuristic way, taking inspiration from a modest farm in the countryside; homes in a historic southern town decorated with antiques; children’s toys belonging to those that will become the architects of our future; and the traces of technology that are woven through each of these scenes.

Our daily lives bring together this juxtaposition as retired elders mix with city professionals, fashionistas mingle with firefighters and at the centre, the UOOYAA Girl – our female warrior who fights for her authenticity, her independence, her future. She is open-minded, she cares for her natural world and her limits go as far as her imagination takes her.