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           UOOYAA ZINE is a platform to speak and a window to chat of UOOYAA. UOOYAA ZINE will be the other way, which except from UOOYAA's clothes, to communicate with UOOYAA GIRLS. By way of print publications and diverse sprits, she discovers something more fashionable, full of humanistic colors and full of aesthetic, and deliver to readers through those much more Three-dimensional way. She’s not only a great book but also will be the mission that become the source of inspiration of wearing and transmit the real and the fun in normal life. UOOYAA live an interesting life by using clothes, and UOOYAA ZINE records interesting voices from publication. Those voices are from real life's UOOYAA GIRLS, they are in spirit of freedom and diverse sprit. They’d like to explore fashionable, independent, aesthetic and everything fun. UOOYAA ZINE will never known the next topic we will say, but the only thing is to promise, promise that every episode can be thoughtful, attitude and magical.