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Orange Bowknot Outwear

Orange Bowknot Outwear

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The playful bowknot adds to the girly feel of the cotton jacket. The bowknot element is added to the placket. The bowknot uses the velvet fabric of this cloth, giving people a cute and playful feeling, retro and bright. The design of the small stand-up collar is matched with the bright orange velvet fabric, which is both playful and playful. The body uses a quilting effect to increase the texture of the clothing.

The designer adopts a Chinese-style small stand-up collar design.

A decorative design of bow is added to the placket. The flexible bow and the old padded jacket are harmoniously integrated, giving people a cute and playful feeling. Retro and dazzling. Make you fashionable.

Orange velvet fabric, the use of orange is very attractive.

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