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"The real strong should have a smile in the battle"

uooyaa x ultraman

Let’s boldly assert that the post-80s, post-90s, and even post-00s’ initial definition of a hero is likely to be the same character, that is, the invincible Ultra hero! Narita Hiroshi, the designer of the image of the Ultra Warrior, once explained the smile on the corner of the Ultra Warrior's mouth. He said that "a real strong man should have a smile in battle." This eternally smiling cosmic hero is like a reassurance The same exists in everyone's heart - "What are you afraid of? There are Ultra heroes!"


  • UOOYAA 2019 Fall/Winter's first blockbuster cooperation series is the first cooperation between the Ultraman series and the Chinese women's clothing brand Benru. We are very curious about what kind of sparks can be created when the powerful Ultra hero meets the fashionable girl UOOYAA.
  • In this cooperation series, we start with the most classic image of Ultra Heroes. Of course, we will not give up UOOYAA-style playful and interesting craftsmanship. Several classic battle scenes are printed on wind breakers and shirts with large-area Dimensional printing to express, strong visual effects, is the familiar blood atmosphere.