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We had a fantasy, a fantasy about a group of people living in an “imagined future” and chose to restart tomorrow when they had the opportunity to go back in time to rebuild the future. The theme concept of UOOYAA 2021 AW does not merely reflect the prosperity of our present civilization but also questioning the stated facts of the present.

UOOYAA 2021AW launched an imaginary dimension where the current civilization been reborn. You can assume the dimension is a movie without a protagonist or an industrialized stage where a huge triangle installation been placed in the centre to metaphor its stable system. It also symbolizes the harmonious bond between nature, technology, and society's development.

In here, no standard resolution has been fitted between the future and the past, technology and nature, religion and indulgence... yet everything is reconstructed... Hence, we need to reconsider guarding the liberty order that has been formed moderately on the basis of faith, in which the ritual's continuation serves as the prerequisite for social development, and during that process, we should be alert to all the radical ideas and changes that are based on a perfect and ideal technological society.

In terms of the visual display, UOOYAA got its attractiveness from self-imagination and the conflict within it. The maintains the simplicity of aesthetic elegance sense and the urbanized amusing. The black, neat, cold, and futuristic silhouettes combined with functional, ethnic patterns, plant dyes, classic rainbows and other symbolic elements drive the dialogue between the past and the future to its peak. It also boosts the enjoyment of UOOYAA's to the extreme in its New-era.

Now, if you were given a chance to restart the future, which time would you travel to? What are your worries about the present world? Also, what would your imaginary future be?

Welcome to the reborn world of UOOYAA.