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20FW Future Revelation

We are imagining a future in a very un-futuristic way: a content farm in the countryside, an old southern town embellished with antique furniture and the children’s favorite toys, which have yet to be abandoned. People have finally realized what is important in life after the takeover of technology. However, there are traces of science and technology everywhere. Daily lives consist of professional functional outdoor wear which was already a part of our lives, with exaggerated outlines lacking practical value but beaming with the satisfaction of one’s own aesthetic. In the market, ordinary citizens, little elegant style, retired elders, city professionals, fashionistas, firefighters shop side by side with reincarnations of justice; female warriors…We are trying to imagine a future that forms from our current reality, exploring it with an open-minded curiosity but conservative thread, embedding it back into the natural world. We now realize it’s necessary to utilise an even stronger ability of imagination. UOOYAA never sets limits, recognising that it will be YOU who keeps that imagination evolving.

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