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2023 Winter Collection
Retro-futurism as the concept of this show. Presenting the diversity of women in this society.

Inspired from the 1960s classic fashion, recreate menswear through cutting, shape and fabric to present a familia yet fresh look. Just like the charater of women in this society. Whatever carrer, outdoor activities or athletics tournaments, men take the dominant authority in this specialization conventionally. Because of the female characteristics with the morden mindset like freedom and indipendent personality, the status of women changed through this day and age. Let women whitch couple strength and gentleness generate a whole new dimension of diversity.

There are shapes and cuttings that also reputating the 60s, like: clean A-line mini skirt, oversized unisex jacket, hippy flared jeans and safari jacket. Doll collar on clean cutting coat, furry flower pattern on flared pants, menswear jacket change it to O-shape jacket etc. Those garments are presenting retro-futurism with making changes base on menswear structure. 

This collection echo Pop Art and Opt Art from 1960s. Using black and white or colourful blocks to bring a strong and clear energy. Wavy edge and pleated skirt brings a disco vibe. Using vintage CDs fornt and cherry parttern printed on unisex sweatshirt which reflecting the attitude of back to the future of 1960s. Futhermore, the combination of glisening leather, hi-tech knitwear, stitched leather, pleated chiffon and wool fabric make a fun and strong contrast.

The show hold on Shanghai Exhibition Center which is a landmark of Shanghai and born in 1960s. It still keeping the classical center hall and decoration. Echoes the concept of this collection with this original 1960s space.

UOOYAA 2023 Winter collection.
Not only presenting the diversity of women, but also discovering its deep meaning and logic.